TAS-Dilek Ural

Prof. Dilek Ural was graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul School of Medicine in 1991 and completed her residency in Cardiology in Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine in 1996. She became Associate Professor in 2000 and Professor in Cardiology in 2006. Between 1997-2016, she worked in Kocaeli University and joined Koç University in February 2016. She published over 200 articles in several national and international journals, wrote one book in clinical cardiology and five book chapters in other cardiology books. The main interests of Prof. Dilek Ural are heart failure, cardiovascular prevention and dyslipidemia. She is the National Coordinator of Turkey in European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention.

Medical Specialty:

Prevention, Risk Control, Rehabilitation and Disease Management

Dyslipidemia and Atherosclerosis

Cardiac Function and Heart Failure

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