BCVS- Raj Kishore

Dr. Raj Kishore earned his undergraduate degree in Biology and PhD in Immunology and Medical Genetics from University of Lucknow in India. He moved to United States for postdoctoral training and trained under imminent cardiovascular scientist, Dr. Douglas Losordo at Tufts University in Boston where he obtained his first faculty position. Dr. Kishore moved to Northwestern University in Chicago in 2007 and rose through the ranks. In 2014 he was recruited to temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, where he is the Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology. Dr. Kishore is also the Director of the Stem Cell Therapy Program at Center of translation Medicine at Temple University. Dr. Kishore’s research program is very well funded by NIH, he has received numerous awards and has authored over 100 manuscripts, some of them in leading Journals. Research in Dr. Kishore laboratory is focused on several specific areas of cardiovascular regenerative biology with the overall theme of identifying novel insights into cardiovascular disease mechanisms and the translational integration of mechanistic studies in relevant physiological models. The major focus of ongoing research encompasses multiple aspects of stem cell based therapies for post-infarct myocardial and other ischemic tissue repair and regeneration. Laboratory is currently investing significant efforts on developing novel strategies to enhance the therapeutic benefits of stem cell therapy specifically their survival, function and differentiation both in vitro and in physiologically relevant in vivo models of myocardial injury. Lab is also developing cell-free, stem cell derived exosomes as a viable alternate to cell-based therapies. Other area of major research focus in Kishore lab is to delineate mechanisms of Interleukin-10 mediated attenuation of cardiovascular injury and inflammation.

Medical Specialty:

Basic and Translational Science

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